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Here you will find everything that we are up to at origin, Melbourne HQ and any other projects we may have up our sleeve.


Ethiopian arrivals,


Our Gr1 Ethiopian arrivals are all here safe and sound and are cupping really well. We have plenty of sparkly clean Hunkute left from the Sidamo region if you are after something refined and elegant. This particular wet mill located in Wonsho Wereda has gained lots of attention over the last few years due to the meticulous nature of preparation and incredible sweetness found in the cup. The name ‘Hunkute’ means golden coloured water in local Sedamic language.


We have plenty of other washed and naturals lots from Sidamo and Yirgacheffe regions with various flavour profiles. A particular favourite here at LCM is the Kesha fully washed lot. Grown at around 2000m+ altitude in the Kochere region of the Gedeo zone within Yirgacheffe, this coffee packs loads of clean fruit flavours with the dinstinct sweetness that only a fully washed Ethiopian can exhibit. It’s a classic tasting Yirgacheffe and always brings a smile to us on the cupping table.


Washed Burundis (Almost here!)


Our Burundi coffees are almost here! After many delays at origin, port and on the water, these Burundi lots should be arriving any day now. We have a great selection of High End specialty lots produced by Ramadhan Salam who is the managing director of three wet mills we purchased from this year. The three mills –  Mbirizi, Sehe & Buziraguhindwa are all located in the Kayanza province in the north western corner of Burundi.


These coffees tasted incredible on the cupping table when we originally purchased them and we are super excited about them landing here in Melbourne. Please contact us if you would like any samples of these delightful coffees.


Our Presence in PNG

LCM team will be travelling to PNG within the next few months to cup with Jerry Kapka. Jerry is the owner of Kongo coffees located within the Simbu (Chimbu) province in central PNG. Jerry and LCM have built a strong relationship on the back of high end commercial coffees, and now with his delicious and meticulously prepared Elimbari A specialty lots. We purchase a lot of coffee through Jerry and his team and are happy to support a 100% PNG owned and operated company. We look forward to developing this relationship and working on more traceable specialty lots to come out of this beautiful part of the world.

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