We source from a diverse range of origins around the world. Our product portfolio continues to grow as we extend our supplier network, travelling and collaborating with producers and exporters, to offer a range of specialty and high-end commercial quality coffees.





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Offer List

BrazilCerrado NY2/3 Sc14/16 60kgSpot
Clean, balanced and sweet with nougat, hazelnut and honey flavours.
BrazilSweet Espresso Sc16/18 30kg RFASpot
Hazelnut, caramel and subtle red fruits with a long and sticky toffee finish.
BrazilMogiana NY 2 17/18 30kgSpot
Rich and heavy with dark chocolate and soft cherry notes.
BrazilSantos NY2/3 Sc17/18  60kgSpot
Toffee & milk chocolate. A sweet and mild cup.
BrazilYellow Bourbon Natural 30kg GP RFASpot
Hazlenut, panela and toffee. Syrupy and sweet cup.
BrazilEsmerelda Natural 30kg GP RFASpot
Nougat, dark toffee and cherry with a pleasing apple finish.
BurundiSogestal Ntamba Wash Station GP 60kgSpot
Sweet caramel, juicy lemon and dried fruit notes. Coating and balanced body.
ColombiaTolima Excelso 70kgSpot
ColombiaSupremo Sc17/18 Huila 70kgSold Out
Sweet malt, biscuit and a hint of red apple.
ColombiaHerrera Association Tolima 70kgSold Out
Plum, berry and orange notes with a full body.
ColombiaGaitania Association ORGANICSpot
Toffee, red fruit, bakers cocoa with crisp acidity.
Costa RicaTarrazu San RaphaelSpot
Sweet malt, toffee and soft apricot notes. Full body with soft orange acidity.
Costa RicaFancy Azalea SHB 69kgSpot
Caramel, praline and grape notes. Red apple acidity with a boozy finish.
CubaSerrano Sc14/16 60kgSold Out
Spice, fresh tobacco and dark cocoa notes. A warm and rich cup.
CubaSerrano Sc17/18 60kgSold Out
Spicy and inviting cup with leather and tobacco notes.
El SalvadorAlto Cielo / El Pinar de Santiago SHG GOURMET 70kgSpot
Juicy with notes of cooked fruit and praline. Lively and balanced cup.
El SalvadorD Sola SHG PlusSpot
Creamy with notes of brown sugar and malt. Long and sweet finish.
EthiopiaSidamo Gr2 W 60kgSpot
Citrus and stone fruit with a lingering dark chocolate finish.
EthiopiaYirgacheffe Gr2 W 60kgSpot
Floral aromatics with honey, citrus and toffee.
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Peaberry W 60kgSold Out
EthiopiaYirgacheffe Gr 3 Natural GP 60kgSpot
Sticky lemon and honey notes with front end sweetness.
EthiopiaSidamo Gr4 Natural GP 60kgSpot
Intense red fruit, full and rich body with burnt toffee in finish.
EthiopiaDjimmah Gr5 N GP 60kgSpot
Rich and full. Chocolate notes with dried fruit elements.
Guatemala Valles De Volcanoes SHBSpot
Honey, citrus and sweet toffee. Clean and long finish with lemon and delicate fruit notes.
GuatemalaHuehuetenango Conventional SHBSold Out
Toffee, red cherry and winey preserved fruit note. Nippy acidity with a smooth and well rounded body.
Guatemala Antigua SHBSpot
Malt, rich caramel and peanut notes. Smooth and coating milk chocolate finish.
Guatemala Huehuetenango MAM SHB Washed GP 69KGSold Out
Delicate red cherry, syrupy and chewy body with a lovely chocolate finish.
HondurasMarcala Region SHG EP GP 69kgSold Out
Soft apricot note with chocolate, praline and malt.
IndiaMysore Nuggets AAA GP 60kgSold Out
Sweet and balanced cup. Great acidity with toffee and very soft fruit notes.
IndiaCherry A Robusta 60kgSpot
Nutty and savoury cup with a heavy body.
IndiaCherry AB Robusta 60kgSold Out
Syrupy body with spicy and earthy flavours.
IndiaKaapi Royale AA Robusta 60kgSpot
Very heavy with notes of leather, chocolate with a creamy mouthfeel.
IndiaMonsoon Malabar A 60kgSold Out
Strong and dominating chocolate flavours. Heavy body with a distinct salted peanut aroma.
IndiaMonsoon Malabar AA Robusta 60kgSpot
Salted and roasted peanuts, delicate leather and bitter cocoa notes.
IndiaPlantation A 60kgSpot
A long and sweet cup with chocolate and toffee notes.
IndonesiaMandheling Triple Pick Gr 1 WHSold Out
Rich and full cup with smooth chocolate, soft blackcurrant and a hint of earthiness.
MexicoAltura Zafiro SHGSpot
Malt, baker's coca with a hint of spice. Toffee in finish with a pleasing length.
MexicoAltura Mountain Water DecafSpot
Cooked apple, dark toffee and hint of cinnamon. Dried fruit in aftertaste.
MexicoEl Tucan Organic DecafSpot
MexicoLa Ucipa SHGSpot
Apricot, honey and a hint of vanilla. Soft spice and citrus throughout. Complex and sweet.
NicaraguaJoya SHG 69kgSpot
Juicy and clean with chocolate and malt throughout.
PeruSHB Gr1 GP 35kgSpot
PeruSHB Gr 1 San Ignacio 35kgSpot
PNGKongo Premium A GP 60kgJuly Arrival
Bright acidity with a well rounded sweetness. Stone fruit and honey notes.
PNGKongo Premium B GP 60kgJuly Arrival
Sweet and fruit driven with toffee and soft red fruit notes.
PNGY1June Arrival
Very clean Y1. Soft red fruit with chocolate throughout. Good body.


ColombiaEdwin Hernandez Yellow Honey TolimaSpot
Red grape, plum, rich sweetness, syrupy and boozy.
ColombiaJavier Rubio TolimaSpot
Cherry, honey and brown sugar with a delicate orange acidity.
ColombiaLuz Mila Gonzalez TolimaJuly Arrival
Grape, red fruit, and dark chocolate with a sticky and full body.
Costa RicaLa Laguna Double WashedJuly Arrival
Grapefruit, apricot, white grape, effervescent.
Costa RicaLa Cuesta Yellow HoneyJuly Arrival
Plum jam, moreish, apricot, orange rind. Sweet and balanced.
Costa RicaVista Del Lago GeishaJuly Arrival
Hibiscus, lemon and lime, tea rose, raspberry candy. Divine and complex.
Costa RicaHacienda Sonora Villa Sarchi Yellow HoneyJuly Arrival
Peach, apricot and apple notes with a juicy nectar-like sweetness. Wonderfully balanced and sweet.
El SalvadorEL Guarlo PacamaraJuly Arrival
Blackcurrant, tangerine, lychee and floral. Delicate and complex cup.
El SalvadorLa Concordia EstateSpot
Milk chocolate, hazelnut and dried fruit notes. Nippy red apple acidity with smooth and coating chocolate finish.
El Salvador Los Andes NaturalJuly Arrival
Cherry, hazelnut, dark chocolate. Red apple acidity. Crisp.
El Salvador Talnamica Bourbon Semi WashedJuly Arrival
Red apple, roasted almond, nougat and brown sugar. Orange acidity.
El SalvadorSanta Graciela Bourbon WashedJuly Arrival
Plum, dried apricot and malt. Smooth milk chocolate body.
El SalvadorSanta Esperanza Black HoneyJuly Arrival
Black cherry, grape, vanilla and boozy orange. Very complex and full.
EthiopiaYirgacheffe Gr 1 Chelelektu Natural August Arrival
Peach, mango, strawberry, toffee and orange.
EthiopiaYirgacheffe Gr 1 Konga NaturalAugust Arrival
Stewed berries, lemon, spice, peach.
EthiopiaYirgacheffe Gr 1 Bonde WashedAugust Arrival
Coffee blossom, raspberry, milk chocolate with a sparkling acidity.
EthiopiaSidamo Gr 1 Dimtu WashedAugust Arrival
Apricot, melon, lemon and brown sugar notes. Sweet cup.
EthiopiaSidamo Gr 1 West Arsi WashedAugust Arrival
Strawberry, currant, floral with hints of vanilla.
EthiopiaSidamo Gr 1 Uraga Natural August Arrival
Bubblegum, sugar cane, berry and white sugar. Very sweet cup.
Guatemala Santa Isabel Coban 60kg GPJuly Arrival
Soft tropical notes with peach and white sugar. Balanced cup with long sweetness.
GuatemalaElmer Rosales - El Potrerito Estate AcatenangoSold Out
Dried fruit, cranberry and soft strawberry notes. Long white sugar and chocolate finish.
GuatemalaSanta Rosa PacasJuly Arrival
Strawberry candy, plum jam, bright citrus. Very well rounded cup.
GuatemalaHoja Blanca Huehuetenango July Arrival
Apricot, honey, maple syrup. Fresh butter and dried mango. Well structured.
HondurasFrancisco Erazo PintoJuly Arrival
Raspberry, clove, milk chocolate, fresh berries.
HondurasSantos Saturnino AristaJuly Arrival
Orange, butter, apricot and caramel.
HondurasCarlos Humberto VilledaJuly Arrival
Citrus, toasted almond, honey and brown sugar. Delicious.
PNGElimbari A GP 60kgSpot
Soft stonefruit, peach and lychee. Long and rich chocolate finish.
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