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We source raw green coffee beans from the most exciting producers across the bean belt, offering a traceable product suited to specialty and high quality commercial roasters in Australia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Who We Are

A small but closely connected global team of knowledgeable coffee enthusiasts, our goal is to build sustainable, meaningful relationships with our coffee producers and roasters alike.

We know our coffee beans inside and out, and we only sell what we like to drink. In most cases, we are in direct contact with the coffee producer throughout the growing and harvesting season.

When you choose to buy coffee from Langdon Coffee Merchants, you can trust that your green beans have been sourced sustainably and rigorously quality tested.

What’s on offer

LCM Selects: Perfectly Sized Specialty Green Coffee, Straight to Your Door!

From 500g to 10 kilograms of green coffee beans, and shipped direct by post, LCM Selects are ideal for roasters keen to play with small quantities of exceptional beans or those curious to try something new, without the commitment of buying in bulk.

Available for delivery Australia-wide.

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In the News

From the Source – Rwanda

In Australia, we have seen a wave of growth for Rwandan coffees, an exciting prospect for coffee roasters and fundamentally stems back to supporting the regrowth of Rwanda. Our partner at origin in Rwanda, Tropic, is a family-owned...

Global Coffee Climate – Prices and Volatility

Coffee has always been relatively challenging to source and convey to market. The last 18 months have provided additional logistical complexities due to the pandemic, augmenting shipping time frames from almost every origin. Lack of equipment (containers) and...

New Quality Capability – Water Activity Meter

Specialty green coffee is changing the way we look at the various aspects of coffee and is challenging the way we measure quality. Historically, the moisture content of a coffee has prevailed as the common measurement used to...