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We source raw green coffee beans from the most exciting producers across the bean belt, offering a traceable product suited to specialty and high quality commercial roasters in Australia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Who We Are

A small but closely connected global team of knowledgeable coffee enthusiasts, our goal is to build sustainable, meaningful relationships with our coffee producers and roasters alike.

We know our coffee beans inside and out, and we only sell what we like to drink. In most cases, we are in direct contact with the coffee producer throughout the growing and harvesting season.

When you choose to buy coffee from Langdon Coffee Merchants, you can trust that your green beans have been sourced sustainably and rigorously quality tested.

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Our Offering

Langdon Coffee Merchants source and land fully traceable, high quality green coffee beans from renowned and emerging origins into our Melbourne, Auckland and London warehouses year-round. In addition to a robust quality programme, we offer third party logistics solutions, including climate-controlled storage, supply chain management and commercial blending for that bespoke flavour profile.

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