About Us

From Bean to Brew

Celebrated the world over for its café and coffee culture, Langdon Coffee Merchants (LCM) was established in Melbourne, Australia in 2015.

We are the (much younger) sister to Langdon Ingredients and, like our hometown, we are absolutely passionate about exceptional coffee.

Building on the global networks of our sister-business, we have developed trusted relationships with producers and exporters across the bean belt, sourcing traceable, high-quality green beans to support your transparent, sustainable “bean to brew” consumer story.

Quality is at the core of LCM and it’s why we take such a disciplined approach to quality: from working with producers at origin, to a robust cupping program at our labs, we stand behind the quality of our beans.

With exceptional and unique coffee cultures of their own, LCM is now bringing a curated selection of the finest green beans to the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Our global team

The team behind Langdon Coffee Merchants brings over 40 years of combined experience in the coffee industry. With backgrounds in coffee trading, specialty roasting, Q-grading, café management and competitive brewing respectively, our passionate teams in London, Auckland, Melbourne and Adelaide take their coffee seriously, very seriously! The team travel to origin on a regular basis, and have developed exclusive partnerships with producers and collective-managers who assist us at origin, working directly with growers to improve their planning, production techniques and access to finance.

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United Kingdom

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Our Heritage

We’ve been sourcing the world’s finest ingredients for over 165 years. Now it’s coffee’s turn.

Founded in 2015, Langdon Coffee Merchants’ heritage stretches all the way back to the Victorian goldfields when Henry Joseph Langdon, a former Captain with the East India Company, arrived in Melbourne in 1852 to supply gold prospectors with food and other vital supplies, including coffee.

This merchant heritage, together with an entrepreneurial spirit, led us to start Langdon Coffee Merchants.

We now occupy our own dedicated Coffee HQ in South Melbourne, but we still benefit from the long-term relationships with producers and exporters formed by Langdon Ingredients, and our access to world-class warehousing and logistics operations.

Our Services

Cupping for Quality

Quality is at the core of our business and it’s why we take such a disciplined, scientific approach to testing: from working with producers at origin, to a robust cupping program at our own coffee labs, we put our green beans through their paces to ensure they delight our customers. We use the standards set by the Speciality Coffee Association (SCA), a trusted, international reference for the industry, to cup ‘blind’ (i.e. without knowing what the coffee is, or where the beans come from) to avoid any pre-conceptions and fairly score the coffee. Our beans are cupped directly at origin whenever possible, again when they arrive into warehouse, and then every three months to ensure their quality holds up.

South Melbourne Coffee HQ

In 2020, Langdon Coffee Merchants unveiled its new headquarters in leafy South Melbourne – one of Melbourne’s original gold rush inner suburbs and close to many of the coffee capital’s favourite roasteries and cafes.

Transforming a neglected 1940s factory and warehouse, the building has been given a new life by respected architects Hassell, with an industrial design cupping laboratory, sample roasting room equipped with a W1 Giesen, two-barrel Joper  sample roaster and Ikawa roaster, as well as offices and sun filled coffee bar.

From the lab, Langdon sensory experts can now roast small batch specialty coffees on-site, conduct SCA cupping sessions and help customers perfect their roast and blend.

Like our coffee beans, sustainability was important throughout the build: solar panelling, rain water to flush toilets and water plants, hydronic heating panels, and the use of cork and renewable timbers throughout.

If you’re in Melbourne, please stop in for a cupping or a chat – our team is eager to put our new equipment through their paces!


Supply Chain & Logistics Solutions

In addition to our coffee offering, we can support part or all of your supply chain with our third-party logistics solutions. We offer climate-controlled storage at our headquarters in Melbourne and have a network of AQIS approved warehouses in Brisbane, Perth and Auckland.

LCM caters to the full spectrum of supply chain services including:
  • Customs clearance
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Storage and inventory management
  • Blending and tailor-made packaging and consolidation services
  • Customer service support and inventory reporting
  • Domestic and international freight and distribution