‘Fun size’ green bean offering launches online

LCM Selects is the new ‘fun size’ green bean offering from Langdon Coffee Merchants.

“Not everyone wants to, or can afford to buy in bulk,” says Langdon family member, Chris, “So we are curating a selection of the coffee beans that we love, and hand-packing these down into three kilogram bags.”

Selected from stock arriving fresh to our Melbourne warehouse, LCM Selects are perfect for those curious to try rare and emerging origins, fill ad hoc stock outages, manage costs, or for while you get your business up and running.

Just like Langdon Coffee Merchants, only smaller

“LCM Selects are exactly the same raw coffee beans as what we sell in-bulk to some of Australia’s top rated roasters, only smaller pack size,” confirms Chris.

“Whether you are buying three kilogram LCM Selects, or in bulk through Langdon Coffee Merchants, you can trust your beans have been sustainably sourced and their quality rigorously tested at origin and here at our South Melbourne laboratory.”

Connecting the coffee community

The miniature offering stays true to Langdon Coffee Merchant’s purpose of being the interface between coffee producers and high-end roasters.

“We have built up relationships with some extraordinary producers across the bean belt,” says Chris, “We love discovering new producers, working with them across the growing season to build quality, introducing their beans to the market, and in turn, helping farmers and their communities build wealth.”

It’s what we love cupping

The current range of six LCM Selects includes a very special Guatemalan microlot sourced from the highlands close to the Mexican border, as well as an LCM Blend #1, created by our in-house sensory expert and ideal for espresso or lattes.

LCM Selects are available to buy directly online and can be shipped Australia-wide. Gift cards are also available for the coffee lover in your life!  New coffees will be added to the LCM Selects range as they arrive into warehouse but keep in mind, stocks will be limited!

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