What is Coffee Cupping?

Cup like a Pro: A How-To Guide to Coffee Cupping

Much like a formal wine tasting, professional coffee graders can leave first-timers feeling a little bewildered by the specialised and seemingly whimsical tasting terminology that is thrown around: “Caramel, with hints of clementine and green grape finish.” A...

coffee industry hit hard by impact of corona

Coffee community must support at-risk producers

For those in the industry, ‘trickle-down effect’ doesn’t begin to explain the impact COVID-19 has had on the coffee supply chain. “Tsumani is probably a more appropriate description,” observes Langdon Coffee Merchants’ Head Coffee Trader, Guy Wilson. The...

Henrik Rylev is Langdon Coffee Merchant's New Zealand man on the ground

Beans means business

Get to know Langdon Coffee Merchant’s man on the ground in Auckland, former roaster turned green bean trader, Henrik Rylev Tell us about your role? It’s the full package – I’m the sole representative for Langdon Coffee Merchants in New...