Our Coffee Offerings

Our coffees are shipped seasonally, and new coffees arrive at our warehouses monthly.
To request a sample, visit us for a cupping session or any general inquiries contact us below.

Australia, New Zealand & United Kingdom

AUMilk Chocolate, roasted hazelnut, caramel, pralineNatural RFABrazilO'Coffee Brazil Ametista PN RFA 16/18 30kg 30kgSold out
AUPlum, berry, cocoa, caramelNatural RFABrazilO'Coffee Esmeralda Sc 16/18 RFA 30kg 30kgAfloat
AUChocolate, almond, praline, toffeeNatural Brazil Mogiana NY2 SSFC Sc17/18 30kg 30kgAfloat
AUChocolate, plum, hazelnut, honeyNatural BrazilSantos NY2/3 SSFC Sc 17/18 30kg (Klabin bags)30kgAfloat
AUApricot, cherry, cocoa, brown sugarNatural BrazilO'Coffee Sweet Espresso Sc 16/18 RFA 30kg 30kgAfloat
AUApricot, peach, hazelnut, honeyNatural RFABrazilO'Coffee Yellow Bourbon N RFA 30kg 30kgAfloat
AUApple, cocoa, prune, toffeeWashed Colombia Huila Excelso 35kg 35kgAfloat
AUPeach, chocolate, citrus, toffeeWashed ColombiaHuila Supremo 70kg 70kgAfloat
AUBright, black currant, red berries, caramelWashed Costa RicaCommunity Naranjo de Dota Tarrazu W 69kg69kgSold out
AUGreen apple, honey, floral, peachWashed OrganicColombia Cedro Alto Montalvo “Passiflora” traceable regional Tolima organic 70kg70kgAfloat
AUCherry, plum, orange, brown sugarEA ColombiaMontalvo “Passiflora” Sugar Cane EA Decaf 35kg 35kgAfloat
AUMandarin, apricot, floral, vanillaWashed EthiopiaGuji Top Gr2 W 60kg (20/21 harvest) 60kgAfloat
AUCitrus, peach, earl grey, milk chocolateWashed EthiopiaSidamo Gr2 W 60kg (20/21 harvest) 60kgSold out
AUCaramel, Chocolate, red grape, orange zestNatural EthiopiaSidamo Gr4 Premium N 60kg 60kgAfloat
AUWashedGuatemalaAntigua Finca Medina SHB69kgSpot
AUPlum, cherry, stone fruit, milk chocolateWashed GuatemalaHuehuetenango MAM SHB 69kg 69kgSold out
AUWashedGuatemalaLa Danta II69kg Spot
AUStone fruits, carmel, hazelnut, milk chocolateWashed GuatemalaSan Antionio 69kgSpot
AUPlum, citrus, macadamia, caramelWashed HondurasSan Vincente Ilamas SHG 69kg 69kgAfloat
AUDark chocolate, plum, baking spiceWashed IndiaCherry AB Robusta 60kg 60kgSold out
AUChocolate, nougat, bold, caramelWashed India Kappi Royal Robusta 60kg 60kgSpot
AUBaking spice, chocolate, brown sugar, plumWashed IndiaMonsoon Malabar AA Robusta 40kg 40kgSpot
AUCitrus, stone fruit, spice, chocolateSemi-WashedIndonesiaSumatra Mandheling Gr1 60kg 60kgAfloat
AUApricot, citrus, spice, nougatWashed Mexico El Vanado Nayarit W 35kg35kgSpot
AUBright, apple, chocolate, brown sugarWashed OrganicMexicoMexico El Tucan Mountain Water Decaf 35kg 35kgAfloat
AUStrawberry, tropical fruits, milk chocolate, toffeeNatural MexicoFinca Muxbal RFA N 69kg69kgSpot
AUApricot, citrus, clean, milk chocolateWashed MexicoFinca Muxbal RFA W 69kg69kgSpot
AUPlum, apricot, peach, maple syrup Washed PNGKongo Premium AX (20/21 harvest) 60kg 60kgAfloat
AUPlum, cocoa, berries, syrupyWashed PNGPNG X 60kg 60kgAfloat
AUOrange, black tea, chocolate, brown sugarWashed UtzRwandaGisanga W Utz Cert 60kg 60kgAfloat
AUNatural ColombiaCedro Alto Andres Trujillo 35kgAfloat
AUNatural ColombiaCedro Alto Eduin Hernandez35kgAfloat
AUWashedColombiaCedro Alto Fabier Oidor35kgAfloat
AUMango, nectarine, strawberry, raspberry, tropical fruits, milk chocolateNatural Costa RicaCorazon de Jesus N 35kg – Catuai35kgSold out
AUPeach, strawberry, tangerine, boozy, milk chocolateNatural Costa RicaDon Senel N 35kg – Catuai, Caturra35kgSpot
AURed apple, passionfruit, plum, lavender, dark chocolateNatural EcuadorFinca Cruz Loma Natural 35kg – Bourbon35kgSpot
AUMandarin orange, orange blossom, jasmine honeysuckle, toffeeHoneyEcuador Finca Cruz Loma Honey 35kg – Typica35kgSpot
AUApricot, orange, floral, grape, caramelWashed EcuadorFinca Cruz Loma Washed 35kg – Typica35kgSpot
AUBergamot, blueberry, candy, peach, sugar caneWashed EcuadorVerana Stagg Washed 35kg – Typica35kgSpot
AUPeach, honey, black tea, mandarin, toffeeHoneyEthiopiaSidamo Asefa Gr1 Honey 60kg60kgSold out
AUKiwifruit, raisin, vanilla, winey, concord grape, juicyAnaerobicEthiopiaSidamo Damo Anaerobic Vacpack 30kg30kgSpot
AUOrange, strawberry, cocoa, vanilla, rich, intenseNatural EthiopiaSidamo Keramo Gr1 N 60kg60kgSold out
AUCherry, strawberry, tropical fruits, chocolate, vanilla Natural EthiopiaGuji Kercha Gr1 lot 2 60kgSpot
AURaspberry, tea rose, cherry, citrus, toffeeWashed Ethiopia Sidamo Bensa Gr1 60kgSpot
AUPeach, nectarine, creamy, citrus, vanillaWashed EthiopiaSidamo Chire Lot 2 Gr1 60kgSpot
AUBlack currant, lime, black tea, nectarine, nougat Washed EthiopiaYigracheffe Ajere Gr1 60kgSpot
AUApricot, lime, nectarine, milk chocolate, caramelWashed EthiopiaYirgacheffe Aricha Lot 2 Gr1 60kgSpot
AUPassionfruit, raspberry, watermelon, red currant, brown sugarAnaerobicGuatemalaEl Rincon Anaerobic Natural - Caturra 69kgSold out
AUPeach, red apple, grape, citrus, vanilla AnaerobicGuatemalaFinca Aurora Anaerobic Washed - Caturra69kgSpot
AUApricot, dried fig, strawberry, watermelon, brown sugarWashed Guatemala La Guitarra lot 2 69kgSpot
AUHibiscus, almond, lemon, milk chocolateWashed GuatemalaLas Camelias 69kgSpot
AUDark cherry, plum, citrus, dark chocolateWashed GuatemalaHamacas 69kgSpot
AUFloral, apricot, citrus, mango, peach, milk chocolateWashed GuatemalaSanta Isabel - Bourbon69kgSpot
AUPassionfruit, plum, red apple, strawberry, wineyAnaerobicRwandaRwanda Gisanga CWS / Koakambu COOP Anaerobic Natural60kgAfloat
NZChocolate, Almond, Praline, ToffeeNatural BrazilAlto Mogiana NY2 SSFC Sc17/18 Natural 30 Kg GP30kgAvailable
NZPlum, Berry, Cocoa, CaramelNatural RFABrazilEsmeralda Sc16/18 Natural RFA 30 Kg Klabin bag30kgAvailable
NZToffee, Soft Apple, Soft PlumWashed ColombiaHuila Supremo Washed 35 Kg GP35kgAvailable
NZRed Apple, Brown Sugar, Plum, Black CherryWashed ColombiaXamba Cauca 70 kg GP70kgAvailable
NZStone fruit, Cacao Nibs, CaramelWashed Costa RicaTres Nubes SHB Washed 69 Kg GP69kgLimited Stock
NZMandarin, Apricot, Floral, VanillaWashed EthiopiaGuji Top Gr2 Washed 60 Kg GP60kgAvailable
NZSoft Floral Fruit, Dried Fig, Roasted HazelnutNatural OrganicEthiopiaSidamo Gr3 Abore Natural Organic 60kg GP60kgAvailable
NZMilk Chocolate, Soft Plum, ToffeeWashed GuatemalaSHB GP 69kg69kgAvailable
NZSoft Red Winey Fruit, Cocoa, MaltWashed GuatemalaHuehuetenango MAM SHB 69kg 69kgAvailable
NZLychee, Soft Tropical, Milk ChocolateNatural HondurasSHG Los Manguitos Estate Hernan Castro Nat 69 Kg GP69kgSold out
NZCitrus, Chocolate, CaramelWashed HondurasHG EP Washed 69 Kg GP69kgAvailable
NZPlum, Green Apple, Toffee, CocoaWashedOrganicHondurasOpalaca SHG Organic 69 Kg GP69kgAvailable
NZOrange, Brown Sugar, Plum, ChocolateWashed IndiaMysore Nugget Extra Bold 60 Kg GP60kgAvailable
NZMilk Chocolate, Spice, PlumWashed IndiaPlantation B Washed 60 Kg GP60kgAvailable
NZNut Brittle, Chocolate, CaramelNatural IndiaCherry A Robusta Natural 60 Kg60kgAvailable
NZGreen apple, Hazelnut, ToffeeWashed OrganicMexicoSHG EP Berlino 69 Kg GP60kgAvailable
NZBakers’ cocoa, Chocolate, Soft SpiceWashed MexicoSHG Altura Superior EP Zafiro 69 Kg69kgAvailable
NZApple, Chocolate, Brown SugarWashed OrganicMexico El Tucan Mountain Water Process Decaf Org 30 Kg GP30kgAvailable
NZDark Chocolate, Caramel, Citrus, Red AppleWashedNicaraguaJoya SHG 69 Kg69kgAvailable
NZPeach, Apricot, Maple Syrup, cocoaWashed PNGKongo Premium AX Washed 60 Kg GP60kgAvailable
NZOrange, Black Tea, Chocolate, Brown SugarWashed RwandaGisanga Washed GP60kgLimited Stock
NZSoft Blackcurrant, Spice, Tobacco, Dried FruitSemi-washed SumatraMandheling Gr1 TP60kgAvailable
NZApricot, Popcorn, NougatWashedCosta RicaCommunity Naranjo de dota Tarrazu Washed 69kg GP69kgAvailable
NZStrawberry, Nectarine, Mango, RaspberryNatural Costa RicaDon Senel Caturra Catuai Natural 35kg GP35kgAvailable
NZSoft Floral, Lemon & Lime, Black TeaWashedRwandaCyato Washed 60 Kg GP60kgAvailable
NZPeach, Passionfruit, Orange BlossomNatural EthiopiaSidamo Keramo Gr1 Natural 60kg GP60kgPre-Sold
UKRed Apple, Sugar Cane, Strawberry Jam, Tataric. Semi-washed ColombiaWalinda Alban. La Argentina, HuilaAvailable
UKBlackberry, Lemon, Cinnamon, Fermented berriesSemi-washed ColombiaMisael Quintero. La Plata, HuilaAvailable
UKWhite grape, Kiwi, White tip teaWashed ColombiaAlex Zuniga. La Plata, HuilaAvailable
UKRaspberry, Green Apple, ButtercreamWashed Colombia Harold Chambo. Nataga, HuilaAvailable
UKGrapefruit, Crisp Tataric, Tea.Washed ColombiaRicardo Leguizano. La Argentina, HuilaAvailable
UKOrange, Brown Sugar, Raspberry.EA Colombia Passilfora. Planadas, Tolima. TRACEBALE MICRO-REGIONALAvailable
UKWhite sugar, Red Grape, CaramelWashed ColombiaFamilia Realpe, 2020 main harvest,Available
UKTangerine, Toffee, Milk chocWashed Colombia Tangara 2020 main harvest.Available
UKCurrants, Nougat, Bakers Choc.Natural BrazilONIX Nano-Lot 001/20Available
UKWhite Choc, Malt, Fig, ClementineNatural BrazilONIX Nano-Lot 003/20Available
UKMarzipan, Tonka Bean, Floral, VanillaNatural BrazilONIX Nano-Lot 002/20Available
UKMilk choc, Apricot, Brown SugarNatural BrazilEsmeralda, Mundo Novo, Natural. Available
UKPort, Cola, Red GrapeAnaerobicBrazil ONIX Nano-Lot 007/20Available
UK Icing sugar, Clean, Melon, Red AppleWashedHondurasCarlos Alberto Portillo- BourbonAfloat
UK Red Fruit, Brown Sugar, Raisin WashedHondurasRoberto Figueroa- PacasAfloat
UKGooseberry, Liquorice, ProseccoWashed HondurasCarlos Alberto Portillo- ParainemaAfloat
UKAlmond, Grape, Jasmine, OrangeWashedHondurasNelson Ramirez- ParainemaAfloat
UK Lime peel, Pear, Marzipan, White GrapeWashedHondurasRoberto Sabillion- ParainemaAfloat
UKDark Choc, Orange, VanillaNatural HondurasRodolfo Jimenez- IH90Afloat
UKBlack Cherry, Demerera Sugar, Milk ChocWashedHondurasProyecto Cabanas-BlendAfloat
UKCaramel, Red wine, Marzipan, Milk Choc48 hr HoneyHondurasNelson Ramirez -Parainema Afloat
UKAlmond, Butterscotch, Chardonnay, Foam Banana48 hr HoneyHondurasEdwin Ever Sabillion-ParainemaAfloat
UKBlackberry, Cider, Lime Choc Sweets, PineappleAnaerobic HoneyHondurasRosalina Ramos-IH90Afloat
UKChocolate cream, Red Apple, Kiwi, Dememrera sugarHoney HondurasAlex Ponce- CatuaiAfloat
UKBramley Apple, Ribena, Wine gums, Apple JuiceAnaerobic HoneyHondurasRene Melgar-IH90Afloat