Working with LCM

We’ve got your green bean needs sorted

Whatever taste profile, brew method, price or volume requirement you’re after, we can source the perfect bean for your brew. We’d love to take you through our range first-hand – after all, we think it’s best to let our coffee do the talking! With our commercial blending capability, we can also help you create a blend that is unique to your roastery.

Purchasing Coffee Beans

At Langdon Coffee Merchants, we’re proud to be coffee geeks

With over 40 years of combined industry experience, and many a competitive brewer in the crew, there’s nothing we love more than to geek out about coffee, over a coffee!

Whether you’re an experienced roaster or aspiring café owner, we’re here to advise on bean selection, quality assurance, purchase planning and brewing methods.  Our goal is to build long-term relationships, provide guidance and flexibility in our purchasing models and range, to ensure you’re successful – and that this flows back to our producer partners at origin.

Depending on the urgency of your coffee need, seasonality and volume/price requirements, customers can opt to buy green beans from Langdon Coffee Merchants (LCM) in a number of ways:

Spot Buying means purchasing coffee that we currently have in our warehouse.

Our portfolio of spot coffees represent the best, most interesting beans coming out of origin, what we enjoy drinking and what we think our customers will love roasting and serving.

Spot purchasing is ideal for smaller roasters, or those who need greater flexibility in their range and volumes, or to cover ad hoc shortages.

Our spot coffee portfolio are rigorously cupped and assessed before they leave origin, and on arrival into our facilities to ensure required quality standards are met.

Spot purchase beans are listed on our Offer Sheet and can be purchased before landing, or once they arrive at warehouse.

Spot Coffee Contracting enable customers to secure a supply of coffees that are available in our warehouse. This allows a roaster to guarantee that a certain amount of coffee is available in their position to be released as required.

Advantages include price continuity and lot specificity.

Forward Purchasing means that the customer briefs us on their desired cup profile, price range, volume and can even request coffee beans from a specific producer. We then source beans to suit.

Forward buying is best suited to those who need quality, price consistency and have unique sourcing requirements.

LCM works very closely with forward buying customers to ensure we have a detailed brief before purchasing on your behalf.

Making a long-term commitment to buy coffee from the same producer annually is also the most impactful way of building mutually beneficial relationship with producers at origin.

Cupping and Sampling

We let our coffees do the talking

Our facilities in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom are each equipped with a cupping lab where we invite you to taste the quality of our beans.

As well as customer cuppings, our labs are busy year-round tracking the quality and performance of our beans over time: from the washing station at origin, on arrival at our warehouses (before samples are sent to you), and at three monthly intervals to ensure the beans’ performance holds up.

If you’re in Melbourne, we’d love to show you our new laboratory, roasting room and climate controlled warehouse facilities.

Alternately, we can arrange to cup with you at your business or warehouse, or send green or roasted samples to you via post.

request a sample


To place your coffee bean order, please contact your local Langdon Coffee Merchant representative who will talk you through order quantities, despatch and delivery.


Pricing and Delivery

Pricing on all stock in our offer list is ex-warehouse, i.e. we cover all sourcing, logistics, export and import duties, insurance, quality control and storage in our climate controlled warehouses.

Local, interstate and/or regional delivery fees to your nominated facility can be charged at a flat price per pallet, built into cost of goods sold or we can arrange a specific quote to your location.

We can also provide 3PL financing, storage, custom packing and blending.

Our Quality Guarantee

Great Coffee = Happy Customers

Our goal is not just to meet your expectations, but to delight you with the quality of our beans.

It’s why we take such a disciplined approach to quality: from working with producers at origin, to a robust cupping program at our labs, we stand behind our beans.

What countries do you supply coffee to?

We supply coffees across Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Europe.

Is there a minimum order size?

We love working with smaller roasteries, or helping cover ad hoc outages so there is no minimum order quantity when you order from us. We may apply a local freight charge where your order is less than four bags.

What are your payment terms?

Please visit our Terms & Conditions for all payment information.

Do your prices include local freight?

Local, interstate and/or regional delivery fees to your nominated facility can be charged at a flat price per pallet, built into cost of goods sold or we can arrange a specific quote to your location.

Is my business too small? Do you supply smaller suppliers?

Of course. We’re a small, close-knit team ourselves (albeit with a few thousand miles between us) so we understand the needs of small roasteries and cafés.

If we can be a part of your growth, that’s our dream.

How can I taste the coffee before I buy?

We would LOVE you to try before you buy. Our team have all come through the ranks of roasteries around the globe, so will be able to help, should you need it.

Samples can be sent by post, or we can come and cup with you (we prefer that one!)

Visit our Contact Us page to request a cupping or sample.

What's the best way to stay in touch with LCM?

Sign-up to our LCM mailouts which include offer lists, articles and general coffee-related merriment. It’s the perfect place to keep in touch. Otherwise, you’ll find us on Instagram @langdoncoffeemerchants

Don’t be afraid to say hi!

Do you offer cupping education courses?

We don’t currently offer certified cupping courses, however, every member of our coffee team are expert cuppers (not to mention there are some champions in there too). They’d all be delighted to come and cup with you.